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Daniel Bit Me
February 2, 2008, 8:39 am
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It can be very hard to remember that someone’s your friend when they bite you.


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Perhaps a friendly bite back will put you on even ground.

Comment by pandemonic

I am going to eat out of his dish.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

I hope there’s something good in that dish.

Comment by Ina

Not any more…hee-hee…

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Naughty Daniel.

We used to have a dog that would wait in a very dejected but well trained way for the cats to finish drinking their fill from his water bowl.

Comment by TheOtherIvy

When my male Husky(thats a *shudder* dog) was a pup, he was hard to handle, a trainer told me to bite him on the ear to let him know the dominant male was. It worked.

Comment by jojovtx1800

Ivy, Daniel’s not very well-trained, despite being rather doglike.

Tom, I am not male, so biting Daniel on the ear wouldn’t help much, I don’t think. And he’s almost twice as big as I am. Eating his food is probably the meanest thing I can do–well, and get away with it.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Oh….I wasn’t sure what kind of animal Daniel was (I didn’t mean to cast aspersions on his training or trainers).

Comment by TheOtherIvy

No problem, Ivy. I *do* have seniority. That’s what counts, with us.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Even as I type, little feline-tooth dents are still visible on the backs of my hands.

Comment by tigereye

Mighta been a love bite.

Comment by heathenly

From Spike, maybe. From Daniel–no.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Perhaps they’re just playing? Even humans do that sometimes, but I’ve noticed cats are even more into it.

Comment by thirdculturemom

I vote for biting him back.

Comment by Wanda Rizzuto

You could hide his catnip mouse for a few days.

Comment by Shawn W

Biting is good, if done affectionately, and in moderation.

Comment by Stevo

Daniel is almost exactly twice as big as me, with all his claws, and I have heard the humans refer to him as “notional”. He was born feral. So he is not safe to bite back, when he bites he isn’t playing, or affectionate, or anywhere near moderate–and all his catnip mice die young.

I’m going to stick with eating out of his dish. 😉

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

or curl up in his favorite sleeping spot and refuse to move.

Comment by LazyBuddhist

LB, that might work. But it’s always possible he would just lie on top of me and crush me. Or bite me some more.

The food dish thing works because they think he eats too much anyway. If it goes empty early they don’t refill till the right time no matter how much he fusses. Ha.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

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