the little fluffy cat–a view from closer to the ground

Gooooooooood Morning!
February 6, 2008, 6:44 am
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If I haven’t told you, I appreciate your allowing me to wake you up in the mornings.  Or whenever…


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Outside of the ball bat, this is exactly the reason we sleep with the bedroom door closed. Do NOT wake the sleepless, menopausal woman!

Comment by Ina

He even looks a bit like your owner, doesn’t he…

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Janey and I loved it!

Comment by Wanda Rizzuto


Comment by pandemonic

That explains a lot!

Comment by Shawn W

I so loved this video! It is Mac through and through (except maybe for the baseball bat — he is really a gentle animal).

Comment by elissakaren

You don’t need a cat for this kind of treatment. 4 year old girls provide the same service.

The first sentence out of Cameron’s mouth every morning: “Ina eat.”

Comment by heathenly

What Ina said. Exactly.

Comment by tigereye

I’ve been watching this video for about a week now, and it still kills me. My girls actually don’t do this, perhaps because they have 24/7 access to dry food (they’re grazers).

Comment by davidrochester

Give them a little more credit, David. If they don’t do it, it’s because they’ve trained you properly.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

This looks just like my parent’s cat Booger.

Comment by Taylor

Around here, it’s “whenever” and that’s usually at 4 am when we are sound asleep then we can’t get back to sleep afterwards.

Comment by Corina

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