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They Always Say The Same Thing
February 7, 2008, 7:52 am
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“Get in the carrier…it’ll be fine….”–and there’s not even any catnip! And then they put you in the car!

Get in the carrier.  It’ll be fine.


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Oh, how right for today! I had to take my little tuxedoed girl in for her nails and spay today. She clawed out of one container and cried all the way to the vet. Then when I took her in, her back hairs were up and she was so scared.

I wonder if I can ever get her back into the car?

Comment by pandemonic

Pan, if you brought her carrier home, scrub it really really well and dry it. Put something inside like a t-shirt of yours from the hamper when you go to get her. It would be even better if someone else took you and you could hold her on the way home–but if you can’t do that, cleaning the carrier very well and lining it with something comforting should help a lot.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Hey! Are you moving? I’ve been out of the loop this week…

Comment by tigereye

Where are you going? Just a hint and no answers!

I think that’s one of the reasons we can’t get near Gus. One time Kevin put him in the carrier and he ended up neutered. The next time he was caught with catnip as bait and ended up having an eye removed. No wonder we can’t touch him any more.

Comment by Ina

Both of you get in the carrier…it’ll be fine….

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

We leave the carrier, with it’s own fuzzy blanket, down and open, so they can crawl in anytime. They like to nap there if they don’t feel well. They still don’t like to go in the car, but it is less traumatic.

Comment by Shawn W

What? are you moving as well.. dang it, erry body’s gettin their own site.

Comment by jojovtx1800

*Gets out the really large carrier and a nice steak* get in the carrier, Tommy, it’ll be fine…

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Sure, the carrier looks all awful and scary when being placed in it at home, but yet on the other side, y’all can’t wait to get back in the carrier. Suddenly it’s your “safe space.” Well, make up your mind, kitty. Hell or safe space.

Comment by LazyBuddhist

It can’t be a hellish safe space? Kind of like when you run under the bed with the toy you stole and the cat you stole it from is under there?

Get in the carrier, LB, it’ll be fine… 😉

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Everytime I go into the carrier some strange man either sticks me with a needle or puts a thermometer up my butt. I have my self-respect, ya know.

Comment by LazyBuddhist

I’ll…miss you. 😦

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

I do like steak, and she-kittys.

Comment by jojovtx1800

Of course you do! All Toms do…

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

Last time Mac got into the carrier, he went from an unloving home to our home, so I hope he would testify that it really might be fine.

Comment by elissakaren

Sounds like my doctor when he says, “You may experience some minor discomfort…”

Comment by Stevo

Vets. Ack.

Comment by thelittlefluffycat

We say, “it’s okay, baby; it’s okay” and cuddle them in a blanket before we put them in the carrier. Then off we go.

Comment by Corina

In the carrier. Awaiting further instructions.

Comment by Johnno

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